About Lindsay Craft

It all began in 1991, when Dean and Michelle Frith fulfilled their lifelong dream of moving their young family from South Australia to the Sunshine Coast – where the weather is warm and the water is plentiful!

Boat craftsman Dean had been production manager for Camero Ski Boats in Adelaide, but craving a life by the sea he moved the wife and kids to Noosa where he worked at Noosa Cat, building boats for the Australian Army and private clientele. Fully immersed in the coastal boating community, Dean met local marine dealer Mr Glen Grams who contracted him to build the Freedom 1750, which later progressed into the Freedom Escape and Freedom Elite models available today. And so Marine Manufacturing was established. Dean began building 2-3 boats each week, eventually expanding into the manufacturing of fibreglass componentry for caravans and motorhomes.

And so after 30 years of building, designing and manufacturing composites products, Dean launched Lindsay Craft so that those with a love for life on the water can have their dream boat custom made locally, by a family business that really cares about the quality of the final product.

Meet the Craftsmen


Dean Frith – Owner & Director

Experienced shipwright Dean Frith is inspired by life on the water. With boating memories spanning decades, Dean remembers growing up waterskiing on the Murray River with cousins and vowing that if he had kids, they’d grow up on the water. Fast forward a few years and Dean, his wife and three kids call the Sunshine Coast home.

Dean’s favourite boating experience was pulling into Phantom Island. Anchoring the boat, diving in and swimming ashore, Dean and his companion walked 2km along the coast and when they looked back to admire the sunset, their footprints made them realise they must have been the only two people on that beach in years.

Dean has been happily building boats for over 30 years, inspired by the attention to detail of master shipwrights all over the world, it’s impossible for Dean to get bored or run out of ideas! So why does Dean continue to build boats? It’s the look on the customer’s face when they first see their new boat for the first time. Dean loves collaborating with customers who have invested a great deal of thought into their ideas and concepts for their custom boat, and feels very proud to be able to bring the vision for their dream boat to life.

Beau Frith – General Manager

Dean’s eldest child and only son Beau, fondly remembers travelling to Double Island Point with his Old Man when he was just 7 years old. His Dad of course, designed and built the tri hull that got them there. The two camped on the beach in sleeping bags, fished and explored the bush.

Beau has always enjoyed working alongside his Old Man. Spending school holidays working with Dean, Beau learned how to make marine fibreglass components and helped with boat repairs. After grade 12 Beau worked in the business with Dean before heading off to travel Canada. When he got back, Beau spent 6 years gaining valuable business experience in logistics management for Ironman Asia Pacific. Hungry for a new challenge, Beau bought into his Dad’s company and now takes care of the sales, marketing and operational side of the business, which leaves Dean to focus on building and designing boats and running the factory.

When he gets the time, Beau loves boating up the coast with mates for a long weekend of fishing and camping. A camp fire, cold beers and cooking up fresh fish on the beach – what more could a man want?